Curtis Weeks is the founder and director of Five zero coaching. He is a Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis Master Practitioner. He is a published author of the book "From why me? to try me!" A book about two mind sets he went through growing up. One of which was a victim mentality and the other was a leader. He discusses indirectly how his pillars helped him create for himself a new person and become the person he wish was around to guide him out of many dark times. 


He has 13 years of military experience within the Royal New Zealand Navy where he spent a total of five years of his life at sea. It was during his service as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) where he truly refined the person he wanted to become. This caused him to venture down a path which focused more on the psychological aspect of performance rather than the physiological part. During this part of his career he realised that he had the power and tools to help a wider range of people in all walks of life, not just the military. These tools are those of which aid individuals become the best versions of themselves. Utilising these tools he noticed 100% of his clients were getting immediate results.

At Five zero coaching he informs his clients five pillars which are: Knowing your outcome, perception is projection, time and energy, consistent pursuit of excellence and keeping it 100. When clients apply the five pillars to their craft and life, there will be zero regrets. Hence the name Five zero coaching. Five zero is based in the Hutt Valley and the start of the postcode is also five zero which also helped identify a landscape for the brand, being surrounded by nature. 


This reminds Curtis that he must stay connected to the land and be grounded. Nature is where he can relax and absorb all the natural energy which is a place he can find peace. He asks his clients to find a place that calms their minds because he believes if you can have a calm mind during chaos that's where true greatness occurs. Individuals may even seem as if time slows down for them while being calm during stressful times. This helps them enter flowing like state. 


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